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Sneakers and Heels is the Texas panhandle’s #1 private investigations and process serving company, specializing in criminal and civil representation and investigations of any variety at both the state and federal levels, and civil and criminal process service in the top 26 counties of our great state, as well as conducting employer pre- and yearly employment USA background checks, along with assisting with worker’s compensation fraud, pre-trial preparation and at-trial support, and everything in between.

Below are just some of the many services we excel at:


Civil and Criminal Process Service of every kind.

We proudly personally serve in the top 26 counties of the Texas panhandle, and with associates throughout the entire State and USA, anywhere in Texas we’ve got you covered

Criminal, Civil, Probate and Family Law Investigations of Every Kind

With 40 years of experience, we are experts at investigating, whether it is civil, criminal or family law cheating/divorce/child custody/infidelity**, probate, employment, workman’s comp, and so much more. **These cases may be worked with the assistance of another private investigations company.

We work with criminal defense, civil, probate and corporate attorneys as part of a team, as well as working directly with individual clients, companies, etc.  We jump in, leaving no stone unturned. Snooping is our game, and we are tenacious and excel at it. Let us help you!

USA Employer Background Checks and Pre-Employment Screenings

This is a critical piece of your business puzzle. Let us show you if your current/potential employee has a USA criminal history (City, JP through State Courts arrest through disposition), civil judgments, liens, etc., where he/she has lived, how long there, any professional licenses and status, past employment, relatives, cells, landlines, emails. Need information on a corporation? Let us do some corporate snooping and fill you in!
Turnaround time is 24 hours, and if needed sooner, we can probably accommodate you.

Missing Person, Skip Tracing Locates

Locating Bio Family Member, Lost Loves, Deadbeat Parents, Tenant Vanishings, Missing Kids, etc. We can assist you, in addition to law enforcement, with your missing person’s case. Using the same database as law enforcement, we are able to locate someone present day. These locates should provide address, cell/landline and email, and we will make contact with the
individual if requested.

Trial and Litigation Support

With over four decades and hundreds of trials under our belt, let us assist you from the beginning, middle, and end of your trial.  If you need help picking the right jury, we’ve got your back.


Locating and Obtaining Witness Statements in any investigation

With the state-of-the-art database we use, which is the same as most law enforcement agencies use, let us locate your witnesses or people of interest.  We can obtain recorded statements, if necessary, and assist with anything else to help you.

Forensic Analysis of Computers and/or Cell Phones

By Associates who have over 30 years’ experience

Public and Medical Records Work

Research is our middle name.  We can research and obtain your criminal, civil, and probate records, along with medical records (with authorization).  We retrieve and can burn to a CD, or email, the records to you, and can do so on a rush basis, if necessary.

Not sure if we do it?
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Our expertise began in 1979 and four decades later, we are better than ever. Deadlines are our specialty, and our clients are treated with the personal assistance and professionalism that they expect and deserve.